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About us

DH Fertilizers Limited (previously known as Dawood Hercules Chemicals Ltd.) was incorporated as a public limited company on 17th April 1968, as a joint venture between Dawood Group and Hercules Inc. USA. It was the first private sector venture in Pakistan to receive a loan from the World Bank and was the largest ammonia/urea plant in country at that time.

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Our products

DH Fertilizers Limited is a premier urea manufacturing and fertilizers marketing company with products that focus on balanced crop nutrition and increased yield. The company not only markets fertilizers like Urea, DAP, but also offers Ammonia in aqueous and anhydrous form for industrial or commercial usage.

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Our people

DHFL’s growth is fuelled by its skilled staff; poised to deliver favorable results in the face of existing and future challenges to the business. DHFL recognizes each employee's aspiration for self-growth and development as a natural human desire; and ensures that these desires are channeled to meet the needs of the organization.

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